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The Supreme Ventures Cashpot Results website provides a list of of the winning numbers and their hidden meanings. Browse around and let us know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts!

  • 1 - Duppy


    Major Meaning - Ice, Grey Hair, Rice, Kiss a Dead Cow, Bench, White Cloth, Needle, Fright, Dead hair, Milk, Eye, Anything White, Shore, Fat Cow, Golden Ring, Still Birth, Walking, Beggar Man, Big Fish, Smoke

    Minor Meaning - Sand, Teeth, Buildings, A lot of Cocks, Bamboo, Cross, Cucumber, Bench, Dark & Obscure, Defense, Drapery, Driver, Horse, Jam, Lawyer, Stick, Kiss a Dead Person

  • 2 - Small Fire!

    Small Fire!

    Major Meaning - Candles, Paper, Homosexual, Tank or House Bottom, Throne, Mattress, Stove, Bottom, Cigarette, Bulb, Crab, Lobster, Cray Fish, Abused Woman, Daughter, Deceitful Love, Falling Tree

    Minor Meaning - Disappointment, Hiding, Bicycle, eagle, Wire, Cabbage, Grapefruit, Shotgun, Black Horse, Tongue

  • 3 - Dead


    Major Meaning - Leave your house, Garlic, Broom, Tongue, Duck, Wreath, Memory Loss, Enemy, Distant Person (Location), Bride, Small Comb, Frog, Baker, Bald head, Broken arms, Counting, To show pride

    Minor Meaning - Hot Water, Waterfall, Butter, Hair, Concert, Cucumber, Dog, Driving Car, Earrings, Covered Field, Dire, Grocery Store, Ice-Cream, Sculptor, Shoes

  • 4 - Egg


    Major Meaning - Blood, Chicken Coop, Red Wine, Nourishment, Sex, Cake (wedding), Kissing, Hugging, Anus, Small Amount of Gold, Knee, Neglected or Unrequited Love, Sweeties, Tonic

    Minor Meaning - Blind Man, Cancle Light, Flight in a Crowd, Fire, New Hat, Ripe Pear, Many Plates, Teenager, Full Wallet, Many Good Looking Women, Admire

  • 5 - Thief


    Major Meaning - Dirt, Actor, Spider, Step-brother, Prayer, Heaven, Roughness, Small Bible, Drop Pan, Gift, Chinese Monk, Plot, Morning Rainbow, Small Stream

    Minor Meaning - To Kill Bees, To Break Something, Cemetery, Church, Nice Clothes, Playing with a Dog, Earth, Handsome

  • 6 - Strong Man

    Strong Man

    Major Meaning - Iron, Stone, Lion, Bundle of Iron, Copper, Gunshot, Fighting Stone, Erect Penis, Tomb, Bone, Anything Strong, Corpse, To witness something, Short Gun, Bullet

    Minor Meaning - Heat, Hot Engine Adopting, Long Beard, Calabash, Carrots, Chocolate, Coffee, Flower, Beggar Man, Royalty, Sick Heart, Spider, Small Fire, Water, Abandon or Leave something

  • 7 - Married Woman

    Married Woman

    Major Meaning - Admire, Widow, Handsome, Woman (general), Hog, heaven, Perfection, Sweet (personality), Blessings, Bench

    Minor Meaning - Grave Digger, Bakery, Blind Man, Candles, To Eat from a Chamber Pot, To See Excrement, Fire, Friendship, Hair, Lawyer, Nail, Needle, Stockings, To be accused, Speaking Animals

  • 8 - Belly


    Major Meaning - Red Cow, Fat Woman, Pumpkin, Well, hole, Bread, Raw food, Bed, Pocket, Grave, Coconut, Hamper, Hot, Glass, Calabash, Matches, Pregnant, Pot

    Minor Meaning - Long Beard, To have a Car Broken Down, A lot of Death, Sweets, Diamon, To fall from an Airplane, Anything Round, To witness an Accident

  • 9 - Cow


    Major Meaning - Twins, Married Man, Eleplant, Truck, Old Dead, Coming From Foreign, Meeting people, Fisherman, Widow

    Minor Meaning - Old Man, Beggar Man, Small Home, Birth of Twins, Fisherman, Handsome, Help, Knife, Torn Shoes, Admire, Truck

  • 10 - Small House

    Small House

    Major Meaning - Baby's Crib, Small Bed, Small Car, Kitchen, Anything Small, Ball, Pulpit, Thank You, Boat, Fowl Coop, Gift

    Minor Meaning - Shoes, Fight in a Crowd, Healthy Body, Small Hill, Knee, Paper Money

  • 11 - Dog


    Major Meaning - Boy, Green Ganja or Bushes, Betting Shop, Ocean, Two legs in Bed, A lof of Cocks, Playing with a Dog, Delivery in Pregnancy, Falling Leaves

    Minor Meaning - PulPit

  • 12 - Head


    Major Meaning - Crown, Braind, house Top, Principal, Official Person, Carpenter, Hat, Barbar, Con Man, Teacher, Ginal, Crows

    Minor Meaning - Horse, Anything Tall, Pregnant Woman, Star

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