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The Supreme Ventures Cashpot Results website provides a list of of the winning numbers and their hidden meanings. Browse around this third page, and let us know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts!

  • 25 - John Crow

    John Crow

    Major Meaning - Crowd, Fallen Tree, Big Crowd, Paper Money, Old clothes, Jonkunu, Anything Black, Castle, Christmas, Red Crow, Picking Up

    Minor Meaning - Indoors, Stranger, Toothbrush, Watering Flowers/Vegetables, Wedding Band, Worthless

  • 26 - White Man

    White Man

    Major Meaning - Black Horse, Officials, Chief, King, Nurse, God, Police Inspector, Heads of State, Presidents, Dog, Good Business

    Minor Meaning - Big Boy, Castle, Doctor, Wood, Almond Nut

  • 27 - Big Fire

    Big Fire

    Major Meaning - Mad Person, Bullet, Fire, Flood, Low Spirits, Shotgun, Explosions, Violent Person, Blind Eye, Blind Man, Wasp, Fighting, Beens on Your Body, Devil

    Minor Meaning - Funeral, Priest, Accident, Bakery, Full Bottle, Good Business, Powder, Coffee, Get Something, To Say Goodbye, Evening Rainbow, Anything Watery, American, Anything Helpless

  • 28 - Fowl


    Major Meaning - Adultery, Spirit, Country, Burial, Road, Small Property (pasture), Round Neck, Burying Something, Football Field

    Minor Meaning - Hope False, Prophet, Tie, Dog, Dominoes, Fever, To Move out of a house, Ram Goat, Sick heart, River

  • 29 - Parson


    Major Meaning - Eagle, Butcher, Right Foot, Pastor, Bull Cow, Hill Top Climbing, Bull Dog, Bull Frog, Travelling in an Aeroplane, Ram Goat

    Minor Meaning - Donkey, Chicken, Sweeping, Anything Big, To Borrow, Judge, Committing Murder, Seasoning, Donkey

  • 30 - Fish


    Major Meaning - White Rum, Muddy Water, Bloody Water, Healthy Body, Dirty Water, Dish, Flowers

    Minor Meaning - Music, To Break Something, Playing with a dog, Ambulance with a Sick Person, Wicked Woman

  • 31 - Lizard


    Major Meaning - Long Stick, Bone, Wood, Snake, Rope, Penis, Long Gun, Cord, Anything Long, Fishing Line, Long Gown, Wire, Gold Chain

    Minor Meaning - beer, Bee Sting, Black Cat, Nice Clothes, Meager Cow, Dog Barking, Cocky, New Hat, Killing Animals, Disaster

  • 32 - Gold


    Major Meaning - Red Rum, Honey, Anytihng Ripe, Faeces, Ripe Fruit, Dried Corn, Cake, Sweeping, Gold Teeth, To Be Joyful

    Minor Meaning - Bald Head, Miscarriage or Birth, To build, England, Corpse, Daybreak, Kiss a Dead Persoon, Shrimp, School

  • 33 - Big House

    Big House

    Major Meaning - Church, God, Stadium, Boat, Big Property, Very Large Person, Truck, Hospital, Anything Big, Deportation, Rich Apartment, Hospital, Angel

    Minor Meaning - Athlete, To see and hear a car, Foggy, obscure, Two people, Advice, Labour in Pregnancy, Mahogany Wood

  • 34 - Baby


    Major Meaning - Birth of a Girl, Chicken, Riot, Young Chicken/Bird, Official Person, Lightening

    Minor Meaning - Anytihng Young, Stockings, Adoption

  • 35 - Goat


    Major Meaning - Oven, Shopping, Vagina, Bible, Taking something from someone (Not Stealing), Event (Football Match)

    Minor Meaning - Rough Sea, To go shopping

  • 36 - Old Lady

    Old Lady

    Major Meaning - Donkey, Abscess, Ride Horses, Pick up money, Dry Wood, Finish Away with Stranger, Asking Pitifully, Old Building, School of Fish, Bat Tooth, Harbour, Smoking Pipe, Widow, Foreign

    Minor Meaning - To remove, Bee-hive

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