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  • 13 - Police


    Major Meaning - Left Hand, Knife, Scissors, Right Hears, Shoemaker, Old Man, Teeth

    Minor Meaning - Black Man, Big Comb, Black Woman, Cemetery, Children, Chopstick, Elephant, Leaves Falling, Golden Ring, Still Birth, Steel or Metal

  • 14 - Mouth


    Major Meaning - Bush, Friend, Preaching, Wild Cat, Noise, Dried Bushes, Tame Cat, Furniture, Mourn, Signing, Counting, Undertaker, Dead Boy

    Minor Meaning - Batteries, To Give Away, Bees, Cabbage, Dead Body, Earring, Friend, Knee, Mourning, Mouth, Fallen Tree

  • 15 - Rat


    Major Meaning - Weakness, Left Foot, Accident, chines Woman, Running, Queem, Dancing, Swimming, Anything Weak, Windian Woman, Left Foot, Beaggar Man, Anything Light, Racing

    Minor Meaning - Army, Beer, To Eat From Chamber Pot, Children, Dentist, Dog, Fire, Kiss, To Have Lunch, Many Plates, Spoon

  • 16 - Young Girl

    Young Girl

    Major Meaning - Green Fruit, Grass, Anything Nice, Rainbow, Youth, Bunch of Flowers, Handsome, Ganja, Anything Green, Bees

    Minor Meaning - Ring, Beer, Bathe (In Troubled Waters), Chair, Coffin, Fight, Killing Animals, Slaughter House, East, Shoes

  • 17 - Chinese Man

    Chinese Man

    Major Meaning - Business Man, Old Dead, Gambler, Heaven, Rainfall, Running water from the Hills, Language, Nose, Batteries, Birth of Twins

    Minor Meaning - Bus, Fever, Jam, Leave Your House, Needle, Right Foot, Pain, Wicked Woman, Big Fire

  • 18 - Race Horse

    Race Horse

    Major Meaning - Doctor, Doctor Bird, Doctor Fish, Dentist, Wild Cat, Carpenter, Mongoose, Tame Duck, Bees in your house, Meager Cow, Construction, Trade Man

    Minor Meaning - Lawyer, Church, Corpse, Red Cow, Ship, Torn Shoes, Wood

  • 19 - Silver Money

    Silver Money

    Major Meaning - Silver, Feather, Deceitful Love, Pretty Woman, Ring, Coolie Man, Lovely Dress, Anything Lovely, Money, Hair, To be breast-fed, Handcuff, Coin, Money

    Minor Meaning - Fish, Scale, Artist, Painter, Bathe in troubled waters, To build, Dessert, Plenty eggs, Deceitful, Neglected or Unrequited Love, Wicked Woman, Honey

  • 20 - Sick Person

    Sick Person

    Major Meaning - White Hair, Pregnant, Naked Woman, Raw Meat, Cook Food, Insect, Disgrace, Nakedness, Insane, Bakery, Sick, Naked Person

    Minor Meaning - Bread, Bible, A lof of Chickens, Hat, Jam, Pregnant Woman, Step-father

  • 21 - Bad Girl

    Bad Girl

    Major Meaning - Mule, Anything Bad, Devil, Whore, Bad Man, Bird, Spy, Party, Birth of a Girl, Actor, Miscarriage, Birth of Fish, Obeahman

    Minor Meaning - Baking, Wedding, Ice-Cream, Banana, Full Bottle, Cabbage, A lof of Children, Dead Children, Coffin, Dog, Driving Car, Get Something, Hair, Pencil, Scissors, Shouting, Big Snake, Fruitful Tree, Full Wallet

  • 22 - White Woman

    White Woman

    Major Meaning - Pain, Nurse, Salt Water, Medicine, Coffin, Casket, Sea, Red Ants, easy Labour or Birth, Cancer, Dominoes, Gray, A lof of Ducks, To Share, Higgler, Star

    Minor Meaning - Muddy Waters, Bees, Anything Dirty, Agony, Chicken Coop, Diamon, Friend, To have lunch, Many Good-looking Men, Nail, Pigs, Speaking Animals

  • 23 - Black Man

    Black Man

    Major Meaning - Good Looking Men, Animals, Monkey, Black Woman, Ugliness, Greed (Eating), Sailor, Jockey, Obeahman, Soldier, Fireman, To be with Grand Parents, Shared Love, Ugly Animals, Children

    Minor Meaning - Birth of a cat or rat, Buildings, Chair, Cheque, To Move out of a House, Falling Leaves

  • 24 - Fresh Water

    Fresh Water

    Major Meaning - Medicine, Lamb, Praising God, Flying, Bank, Picture, Teaa, Jockey, Aeroplane, Kite

    Minor Meaning - Light, Wedding, Appetite, Camera, Carpenter, Black Cow, Hat, Kitchen, Green Pear

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